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Greetings mighty warriors in the eternal place, between Valhalla and Hel, the Limbo!

In your life you fought, plundered, captured and lived the life of a fearsome warrior, but also you gave mercy, and defended the weak when needed. Your life both had good and bad actions, and your soul is balanced between good, and evil. Just as your enemy over there.

The Gods blessed you, heroes, and grants one ouf you place next to them, in Valhalla, but only for one.
They divided the lifeforce between you two, and now, your goal is to give all yours to your opponent, thus you grant them the chance, to reincarnate, and earn your place up, next to heros and Gods of Old.
But be wary, only one can earn the eternal peace and blessing of Valhalla.


"Valhalla is near" is a controller based 2D fightning game. Get your friend, sit oin the couch, and let the fight begin.


Use controller!
- X to hit
- A to jump
- Q (keyboard) to quit.


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